the W&K Creative team

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Growing up, Lauren enjoyed all things creative: art classes, painting, drawing, and--in later years--photography.

She moved to Pittsburgh in 2012 and, since then, she's developed a passion for the city--falling in love with its small-town-meets-big-city feel.

She's always looking for a new project, so it's rare for her to spend any time relaxing. When she does, it's usually to visit a new coffee shop or restaurant around town.

You can see more of her work (and maybe gather a few tips) on her style blog, Wellesley & King.

Arnie Bernard

Arnie is Lauren's husband and [obligatory] assistant. He has an undergraduate degree in English, and you'll quickly find him to be a superior writer--crafting his posts with wording that invokes imagery as if you're living the moment with him.

At a whopping twelve years, he's lived in Pittsburgh longer than any other place during his lifetime, and knows many undiscovered nooks and crannies within the city.

After four years of photographing for Lauren's blog, Arnie has certainly picked up several skills of his own, and usually ends up directing her to get the perfect shot.

If you book a session with W&K Creative, you're likely to meet Arnie right along with Lauren, as he's always the one working to keep each session running smoothly!