Madison & Trent

Madison and Trent are such a sweet couple. Ever since they began dating years ago, they've been utterly smitten with each other, always showing their affection through sweet touches and warm embraces--which is exactly what every photographer hopes for when it comes to shooting engagements.

Before the session, Madison and I talked about getting shots with a more editorial vibe, something you would see in a magazine--a lot of black and white, film grain, and close-up shots of hands and expressions. 

We mixed in a few other shots, some outside of her church and around their neighborhood in Hollidaysburg (close to Altoona, PA) to give them a variety of backgrounds and shots to choose from. I most definitely tear up when I look through several of their photos--it just makes me so happy to capture such a genuine and selfless love between two people.


Lauren & Chad - Downtown Pittsburgh Engagement

This is the lovely Lauren, who I have the pleasure of working with at our normal 9 to 5's. She's one of the most adorable girls I know, her style is impeccable--what I call Great Gatsby chic--so when she reached out to have her engagement pictures taken, I was so excited.

Throughout the entire shoot, I kept telling Lauren & Chad that they were a "portfolio couple" because they were giving me one perfect shot after another. We met downtown on Grant Street and shot half of the session in the grassy area right across from the Steel Building, and the other half we did atop the Forbes parking garage--one of my favorite photo spots to shoot.

Knowing Lauren's style from work, I immediately imagined an urban location versus something more rustic or earthy. Her simple black dress and Chad's blazer were a great compliment to the city skyline and really stood out against the greys of the sky and buildings.

These two are going to make some seriously amazing wedding photos, so their photographer is one lucky person!