Spark Positivity with Wellesleyandkingphotos Candle


Spark Positivity & Joy.  Design a unique Wellesleyandkingphotos candle as a special gift to celebrate and remind someone how special they are. 

Scents of vanilla & birthday cake with sprinkles! Handmade Cake Scented Soy Candle

3 Simple Steps to Spark Positivity: 

1)Add up to 6 adjectives that come to mind to describe the recipient and include a special message if you'd like ( Add details in 'notes' - proof will be sent for approval to print)   - Candle design will be printed onto a matching blank greeting card.

2) Personalize Hair Color, Style & Skin tone

3)  Add Name 


Matching Wellesleyandkingphotos greeting card included in order.

Story Behind Product Idea: 

Sometimes ideas are sparked out of necessity. 

The idea for this candle came to be because I wanted to remind a friend how great she is - as a person, good friend and all around boss.  

She recently lost her job and I wanted to lift her spirits and send a constant reminder of what makes her unique and awesome.

I designed the label to include a personalized Wellesleyandkingphotos illustration and adjectives that came to mind to describe her. 
The candle is cake scented and has confetti sprinkles spread across the top -
a reminder to celebrate everyday and spark positivity and joy each time it's lit.